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About Us

About Us

Custom Furniture Crafted from Mesquite Lumber
Special Woodworking Co. is operated by Christian Weithauer of George West, TX. Christian was trained for many years in Germany in the art of woodworking craftsmanship under the instruction of a German Master Carpenter. He has also worked in many other places in the world such as Italy and Canada, among others.
Christian believe in building the "old school" way which has been used over centuries. This technique of craftsmanship uses notch-outs and wood pegs instead of nails and screws when applicable (such as in timber framing). Christian's apprenticeship from Germany has been taught and utilized over generations in Germany and their secrets are not just given away.
Christian's knowledge and skills as a German carpenter, they are both dedicated to creating the highest-quality custom Homes and mesquite furniture that will last for generations to come. He have not had one single dissatisfied customer.
While the focus is primarily creating custom Homes and also furniture from quality mesquite lumber, we are also skilled custom home builders, delivering excellence on projects that include framing, remodeling, and additions. Our broad range of skill and experience uniquely qualified us to take on projects that need a masterful touch. By maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every detail, we have been able to deliver unmatched value and complete satisfaction for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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Special Woodworking Co.

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